Ted was great!

He helped me buy my first home and made the process as smooth as
possible. I never felt like I was being sold on anything and Ted made
it known that he was on my team. Put Ted to work for you he is the
best you will find.

Marsha W.

Ted Helped us sell our short sale.

I called him the month our home was to go to auction! Ted was able to stop the Auction, and was able to negotiate with the buyers of our home to allow me to sell them my washer dryer for $10,000! He just went to work and took care of us. He went way beyond to help us out.
– Troy

Ted was so patient.

We looked for our perfect house for 2 years! We finally found it. Thanks Ted
– Sean

Ted was so patient while we looked at homes I swear we looked at everything.

We wrote an offer on one house and during our inspections we found that the house needed a lot of work. But I told him that I still wanted to buy it. Later we found out that the sewer was clogged after our inspection deadline was up. Ted was able to get us out of the contract, and saved our earnest money! We later found our perfect home! Ted is the best! I would recommend him all day long.
– Ricky and Zan

I had a Friend who I have used to purchase many homes

I met Ted at a Scout Camp. I called him up to list our home. He took such detail in helping with pictures, for the listing. He as adamant about insuring that we had the full tour ready before we listed the home on the MLS. He was moving things to insure that the home on line looked it’s best. Within 30 days we had an offer. Ted looked after us and was able to negotiate NON REFUNDABLE earnest money right up front in the amount of $2,500! I’ve never had an agent do that for us.! Looks like we are packing our bags Thanks Ted!
– Kevin

I sold my home by myself.

I worked with Ted a long time ago together when we were young. Ted called me about helping me sell my home when he saw it in the classifieds. I told him give me a week or two. Well I got an offer the first week. I called ted and asked him how much he would charge to review the offer. Ted told me to email the offer over and he would take a look at it for free. He also gave me a good recommendation for Title and insured that I had all my disclosures in order. Thanks – Greg

Ted helped me sell my home.

During the Construction process my sister-in-law had my home listed. It seemed like she was not doing anything. I would ask Ted what I should do, He told me to tell my sis what I needed, It would take her three weeks to do it or she wouldn’t do it at all. Finally I asked Ted what I should do. There had been no action on my house that I was building and needed to sell. I gave my sis one more week. NOTHING.. SO I fired my own sis-in-law. Ted was able to market it and find a buyer for my $750,000 spec home in 2 weeks! Thanks Ted you’re a great agent and Friend
– Dave

We were renting a home that the owners stopped making the payments on.

Ted was able to negotiate with the bank and allowed us to buy it. The banks were stonewalling us wanting us to pay way more than the home was worth. Ted came up with a plan and we able to buy the home for $100,000 lower than what the bank originally wanted. Thanks for saving our home!”
– D. J.

Ted Helped my wife and I find our first home!

It was a short sale with a BK. The BK attorney was not going to allow the seller of our home sell it to us. He drove to the attorneys office and got the signatures and approval he needed. THanks so much! ”
– Colt